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Word square From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Sator Square in Oppede, Luberon, France A word square is a special type of acrostic. It consists of a set of words written out in a square grid, such that the same words can be read both horizontally and vertically. The number of words, which is equal to the number of letters in each word, is known as the "order" of the square. For example, this is an order 5 square: H E A R T E M B E R A B U S E R E S I N T R E N D A popular puzzle dating well into ancient times, the word square is sometimes compared to the magic square, though apart from the fact that both use square grids there is no real connection between the two. Contents 1 Early history 1.1 Sator Square 1.2 Abramelin the Mage 2 Modern English squares 2.1 Order 10 squares 3 Vocabulary 4 Variant forms 4.1 Double word squares 4.2 Diagonal word squares 4.3 Word rectangles 4.4 Other forms 5 See also 6 References 7 External links Early history [ edit] Sator Square in Corinium (Cirencester), England Sator Square [ edit] The Sator Square is a famous word square in Latin. Its canonical form reads as follows. S A T O R A R E P O T E N E T O P E R A R O T A S In addition to satisfying the basic properties of word squares, the Sator Square spread widely due to several other attributes: it is palindromic; it can be read as a sentence of obscure meaning; and additional meaning such as reference to the Christian Paternoster prayer can be derived from its letters. However, the word "Arepo" appears nowhere else in Latin literature; most of those who have studied the Sator Square agree that it is to be taken as a proper name, either an adaptation of a non-Latin word or, more likely, a name invented specifically for this sentence.[1] Thus the square consists of a palindrome ("tenet"), a reversal ("sator" and "rotas"), and a word ("opera") which can be reversed into a passably coined name ("Arepo"). Abramelin the Mage [ edit] If the "words" in a word square need not be true words, arbitrarily large squares of pronounceable combinations can be constructed. The following 12×12 array of letters appears in a Hebrew manuscript of The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage of 1458, said to have been "given by God, and bequeathed by Abraham". An English edition appeared in 1898. This is square 7 of Chapter IX of the Third Book, which is full of incomplete and complete "squares". I S I C H A D A M I O N S E R R A R E P I N T O I R A A S I M E L E I S C R A T I B A R I N S I H A S I N A S U O T I R A R I B A T I N T I R A D E M A S I C O A N O C A P E R U N O I B E M I M I L I O T A B U L E L I N E N T I N E L E L A O T I S I R O M E L I R N O S I R A C I L A R I No source or explanation is given for any of the "words", so this square does not meet the modern standards for legitimate word squares. Modern research indicates that a 12-square would be essentially impossible to construct from indexed words and phrases, even using a large number of languages. However, equally large English-language squares consisting of arbitrary phrases containing dictionary words are relatively easy to construct; they too are not considered true word squares, but they have been published in The Enigma and other puzzle magazines as "Something Different" squares. Modern English squares [ edit] A specimen of the order-six square (or 6-square) was first published in English in 1859; the 7-square in 1877; the 8-square in 1884; and the 9-square in 1897.[2] Here are examples of English word squares up to order eight: A N O B I T C A R D H E A R T G A R T E R B R A V A D O L A T E R A L S O N I C E A R E A E M B E R A V E R S E R E N A M E D A X O N E M A L T E N R E A R A B U S E R E C I T E A N A L O G Y T O E P L A T E D A R T R E S I N T R I B A L V A L U E R S E N P L A N E D T R E N D E S T A T E A M O E B A S R E L A N D E D R E E L E D D E G R A D E A M A N D I N E O D Y S S E Y L A T E E N E R S L E D D E R S The following is one of several "perfect" nine-squares (all words in major dictionaries, uncapitalized, and unpunctuated):[3] A C H A L A S I A C R E N I D E N S H E X A N D R I C A N A B O L I T E L I N O L E N I N A D D L E H E A D S E R I N E T T E I N I T I A T O R A S C E N D E R S Order 10 squares [ edit] A 10-square is naturally much harder to find, and a "perfect" 10-square has been hunted since 1897.[2] It has been called the Holy Grail of logology. Various methods have produced partial results to the 10-square problem: Tautonyms Since 1921, 10-squares have been constructed from reduplicated words and phrases like "Alala! Alala!" (a reduplicated Greek interjection). Each such square contains five words appearing twice, which in effect constitutes four identical 5-squares. Darryl Francis and Dmitri Borgmann succeeded in using near-tautonyms (second- and third-order reduplication) to employ seven different entries by pairing "orangutang" with "urangutang" and "ranga-ranga" with "tanga-tanga", as follows:[4] O R A N G U T A N G R A N G A R A N G A A N D O L A N D O L N G O T A N G O T A G A L A N G A L A N U R A N G U T A N G T A N G A T A N G A A N D O L A N D O L N G O T A N G O T A G A L A N G A L A N However, "word researchers have always regarded the tautonymic ten-square as an unsatisfactory solution to the problem."[2] 80% solution In 1976, Frank Rubin produced an incomplete ten-square containing two nonsense phrases at the top and eight dictionary words. If two words could be found containing the patterns "SCENOOTL" and "HYETNNHY", this would become a complete ten-square. Constructed vocabulary From the 1970s, Jeff Grant had a long history of producing well-built squares; concentrating on the ten-square from 1982 to 1985, he produced the first three traditional ten-squares by relying on reasonable coinages such as "Sol Springs" (various extant people named Sol Spring) and "ses tunnels" (French for "its tunnels"). His continuing work produced one of the best of this genre, making use of "impolarity" (found on the Internet) and the plural of "Tony Nader" (found in the white pages), as well as words verified in more traditional references: D I S T A L I S E D I M P O L A R I T Y S P I N A C I N E S T O N Y N A D E R S A L A N B R O W N E L A C A R O L I N A I R I D O L I N E S S I N E W I N E S S E T E R N N E S S E D Y S S E A S S E S Personal names By combining common first and last names and verifying the results in white-pages listings, Steve Root of Westboro, Massachusetts, was able to document the existence of all ten names below (total number of people found is listed after each line): L E O W A D D E L L 1 E M M A N E E L E Y 1 O M A R G A L V A N 5 W A R R E N L I N D 9 A N G E L H A N N A 2 D E A N H O P P E R 10+ D E L L A P O O L E 3 E L V I N P O O L E 3 L E A N N E L L I S 3 L Y N D A R E E S E 5 Geographic names Around 2000, Rex Gooch of Letchworth, England, analyzed available wordlists and computing requirements and compiled one or two hundred specialized dictionaries and indexes to provide a reasonably strong vocabulary. The largest source was the United States Board on Geographic Names National Imagery and Mapping Agency. In Word Ways in August and November 2002, he published several squares found in this wordlist. The square below has been held by some word square experts as essentially solving the 10-square problem (Daily Mail, The Times), while others anticipate higher-quality 10-squares in the future.[2][5] D E S C E N D A N T E C H E N E I D A E S H O R T C O A T S C E R B E R U L U S E N T E R O M E R E N E C R O L A T E R D I O U M A B A N A A D A L E T A B A T N A T U R E N A M E T E S S E R A T E D There are a few "imperfections": "Echeneidae" is capitalized, "Dioumabana" and "Adaletabat" are places (in Guinea and Turkey respectively), and "nature-name" is hyphenated. Many new large word squares and new species[clarification needed ] have arisen recently. However, modern combinatorics has demonstrated why the 10-square has taken so long to find, and why 11-squares are extremely unlikely to be constructible using English words (even including transliterated place names). However, 11-squares are possible if words from a number of languages are allowed (Word Ways, August 2004 and May 2005). Vocabulary [ edit] It is possible to estimate the degree of difficulty of constructing word squares. 5-squares can be constructed with as little as a 250-word vocabulary. Roughly, for each step upwards, one needs four times the number of words. For a 9-square, one needs over 60,000 9-letter words, which is practically all of those in single very large dictionaries. For large squares, the vocabulary prevents selecting more "desirable" words (i.e. words that are unhyphenated, in common use, without contrived inflections, and uncapitalized), and any resulting word squares use exotic words. The opposite problem occurs with small squares: a computer search will produce millions of examples, most of which use at least one obscure word. In such cases finding a word square with "desirable" (as described above) words is performed by elimination of the more exotic words or by using a smaller dictionary with only common words. Smaller word squares, used for amusement, are expected to have simple solutions, especially if set as a task for children; but vocabulary in most eight-squares tests the knowledge of an educated adult. Variant forms [ edit] Double word squares [ edit] Word squares that form different words across and down are known as "double word squares". Examples are: T O O U R N B E E L A C K I R O N M E R E B A K E S C E N T C A N O E A R S O N R O U S E F L E E T A D M I T S D E A D E N S E R E N E O P I A T E R E N T E R B R E E D S The rows and columns of any double word square can be transposed to form another valid square. For example, the order 4 square above may also be written as: L I M B A R E A C O R K K N E E Double word squares are somewhat more difficult to find than ordinary word squares, with the largest known fully legitimate English examples (dictionary words only) being of order 8. Puzzlers.org gives an order 8 example dating from 1953, but this contains six place names. Jeff Grant's example in the February 1992 Word Ways is an improvement, having just two proper nouns ("Aloisias", a plural of the personal name Aloisia, a feminine form of Aloysius, and "Thamnata", a Biblical place-name): T R A T T L E D H E M E R I N E A P O T O M E S M E T A P O R E N A I L I N G S A L O I S I A S T E N T M A T E A S S E S S E D Diagonal word squares [ edit] Diagonal word squares are word squares in which the main diagonals are also words. There are four diagonals: top-left to bottom-right, bottom-right to top-left, top-right to bottom-left, and bottom-left to top-right. In a Single Diagonal Square (same words reading across and down), these last two will need to be identical and palindromic because of symmetry. The 8-square is the largest found with all diagonals: 9-squares exist with some diagonals. This is an example of a diagonal double square of order 4: B A R N A R E A L I A R L A D Y Word rectangles [ edit] Word rectangles are based on the same idea as double word squares, but the horizontal and vertical words are of a different length. Here are 4×8 and 5×7 examples: F R A C T U R E O U T L I N E D B L O O M I N G S E P T E T T E G L A S S E S R E L A P S E I M I T A T E S M E A R E D T A N N E R Y Again, the rows and columns can be transposed to form another valid rectangle. For example, a 4×8 rectangle can also be written as an 8×4 rectangle. Other forms [ edit] Numerous other shapes have been employed for word-packing under essentially similar rules. The National Puzzlers' League maintains a full list of forms which have been attempted. See also [ edit] National Puzzlers' League Sator Square References [ edit] ^ Griffiths, J. Gwyn (March 1971). "' Arepo' in the Magic 'Sator' Square". The Classical Review. New Series. 21 (1): 6–8. doi:10.1017/S0009840X00262999. ^ a b c d Eckler, A. Ross (2005). "A History of the Ten-Square". In Cipra, Barry Arthur; Demaine, Erik D.; Demaine, Martin L.; Rodgers, Tom (eds.). Tribute To A Mathemagician. A K Peters, Ltd. pp. 85–91. ISBN 978-1-56881-204-5. Retrieved 2008-08-25 . ^ "Achalasia". Word Ways. August 2003. ^ Brandreth, Gyles (1986). Everyman's Word Games. Book Club Associates. p. 90. ^ "Hunting the Ten-Square". Word Ways. May 2004. 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Creador Anthony Stark † Dueños Anthony Stark † Usuarios Anthony Stark † Virginia Potts Voz original Kerry Condon Estado Activo Apariciones Película Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man: Homecoming Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame Cómic Captain Marvel Prelude Avengers: Endgame Prelude "¿Ya hiciste un reconocimiento facial?" "¿De qué tengo cara?" "No sé. Te imagino pelirroja." "Debe estar pensando en alguien más." "Tal vez." ―Anthony Stark y V.I.E.R.N.E.S.[fnt.] V.I.E.R.N.E.S. es una interfaz de usuario creada y diseñada por Anthony Stark que trabajaba con él dentro de sus Armaduras de Iron Man. Cuando J.A.R.V.I.S. se fusionó con Visión, Stark la eligió para que lo acompañe a combatir a partir de la Batalla de Sokovia hasta su fallecimiento en la Batalla de la Tierra. A diferencia de J.A.R.V.I.S., ella en lugar de tener acento inglés, tiene acento irlandés. Sumario 1 Historia 1.1 Ofensiva de Ultrón 1.2 Guerra Civil de los Vengadores 1.3 Llamada telefónica 1.4 Guerra del Infinito 1.5 Juego final 2 Relaciones 2.1 Aliados 2.2 Enemigos 3 Trivia 4 Referencias 5 Enlaces externos Historia Ofensiva de Ultrón "Está eliminando a Ultrón; no podrá escapar por allí." ―V.I.E.R.N.E.S. a Anthony Stark[fnt.] Después de almacenar a J.A.R.V.I.S. en Visión, Anthony Stark buscó un programa nuevo para que asuma sus funciones. Él terminó escogiendo a V.I.E.R.N.E.S. y la llevó en el Mark XLV para la Batalla de Sokovia. Allí, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. monitoreó los intentos de Ultrón por escapar a través del internet y se aseguró de que no tuviera éxito hasta que Visión completó la tarea. Cuando Ultrón activó su dispositivo e hizo que Novi Grad se eleve a los cielos, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. y Stark planearon cómo detenerlo, llegando a la conclusión que debían unir fuerzas con Thor para destruir la ciudad una vez que los civiles fueran evacuados en el Helicarrier, con éxito.[1] Guerra Civil de los Vengadores "El doctor falso en realidad es el Coronel Helmut Zemo, inteligencia de Sokovia. Zemo dirigía el EKO Scorpion, un escuadrón de asesinos encubiertos." ―V.I.E.R.N.E.S. a Anthony Stark[fnt.] Cuando hubo un apagón en el Centro Común de Lucha contra el Terrorismo, Anthony Stark le preguntó a V.I.E.R.N.E.S. porqué sucedió esto. Más tarde, Stark la usó durante el Enfrentamiento entre los Vengadores para que lo aconseje durante el combate y, aunque su equipo triunfó, James Rhodes se desplomó repentinamente, con V.I.E.R.N.E.S. asegurándole que aún había latido cardíaco y que ya llamó a los servicios médicos. No mucho después, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. le informó a Stark sobre cómo Helmut Zemo había inculpado a James Barnes en el Bombardeo en el Centro Internacional de Viena. Pese a Stark intentó hacer una tregua con Rogers y Barnes para arrestar a Zemo, no obstante, este último le reveló a Stark que Barnes asesinó a sus padres, provocando una batalla. Aunque V.I.E.R.N.E.S. lo asesoró para vencer a Barnes y Rogers casi con éxito, Stark termino siendo vencido por Rogers.[2] Llamada telefónica "El Sr. Stark ya no está en la linea" ―V.I.E.R.N.E.S. a Peter Parker[fnt.] Cuando Anthony Stark terminó su llamada con Peter Parker en el Mark XLVII a control remoto, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. le informó a Parker que Stark se había desconectado y, por lo tanto, dirigió el traje para ser almacenado de vuelta a las instalaciones.[3] Guerra del Infinito "V.I.E.R.N.E.S. ¿Qué estoy viendo?" "No estoy segura, trabajo en ello." ―Anthony Stark y V.I.E.R.N.E.S.[fnt.] Tras ver a Ebony Maw y Cull Obsidian llegar a la ciudad de Nueva York en su Nave-Q, Stark le ordenó a V.I.E.R.N.E.S. pedirle a los equipos de emergencia evacuar la zona circundante y movilizarse. Eventualmente, ella ayudó a Stark a combatir a la Orden Oscura, sin embargo, pronto Stark abordó la Nave-Q para rescatar a Stephen Strange. Como Peter Parker también se había subido a la nave y se quedó casi sin oxígeno, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. desplegó la Armadura de Araña de Hierro para él, antes de intentar mandar a Parker de vuelta a la Tierra. Luego, Stark recibió una llamada de Virginia Potts diciéndole que abandone la nave y regrese, pero se perdió la señal, al igual que la asistencia de V.I.E.R.N.E.S.[4] Juego final "V.I.E.R.N.E.S. ¿A qué le disparan?" "Algo entró en la atmósfera superior." ―Anthony Stark y V.I.E.R.N.E.S.[fnt.] Cinco años después del Chasquido, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. ejecutó con Anthony Stark diferentes configuraciones posibles para viajes en el tiempo por medio del Reino Cuántico y lo resolvieron utilizando un diseño de tira basado en el Möbius. Luego del Atraco al tiempo y el Blip, ella volvió a aconsejar a Stark durante la Batalla de la Tierra para vencer al ejército de Thanos, que provenía de una línea de tiempo alternativa. Sin embargo, aunque consiguieron ganar, Stark tuvo que sacrificarse usando las Gemas del Infinito. A medida que su jefe moría, V.I.E.R.N.E.S. le informó a Virginia Potts que los signos vitables de Stark estaban debilitándose. Aún así, Stark pudo ser despedido por su esposa y amigos, antes de morir.[5] Relaciones Aliados J.A.R.V.I.S. - Predecesor Vengadores Anthony Stark / Iron Man † - Creador Steven Rogers / Capitán América Bruce Banner / Hulk Thor Natalia Romanoff / Black Widow † Clinton Barton / Hawkeye Wanda Maximoff / Bruja Escarlata Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver † Visión † James Rhodes / Máquina de Guerra Samuel Wilson / Falcon Peter Parker / Homre Araña T'Challa / Pantera Negra James Buchanan Barnes / Soldado del Invierno Scott Lang / Ant-Man Virginia Potts Harold Hogan Thaddeus Ross Maria Hill Maestros de las Artes Místicas Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange  Wong Enemigos Ultrón † Centinelas de Ultrón † Helmut Zemo Orden Oscura Cull Obsidian † Ebony Maw † Trivia En los cómics, Viernes fue una inteligencia artificial creada por Anthony Stark para trabajar como su secretaria. En Captain America: Civil War, Anthony Stark mencionó que imaginaba a V.I.E.R.N.E.S. siendo pelirroja, como en los cómics, aunque luego confesó que podría estar pensando en alguien más. Referencias ↑ Avengers: Age of Ultron ↑ Captain America: Civil War ↑ Spider-Man: Homecoming ↑ Avengers: Infinity War ↑ Avengers: Endgame Enlaces externos Viernes en Marvel Database Obtenido de «https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/es/wiki/V.I.E.R.N.E.S.?oldid=146991» Categorías: Inteligencia artificial Personajes de Avengers: Age of Ultron Personajes de Captain America: Civil War Personajes de Spider-Man: Homecoming Personajes de Avengers: Infinity War Personajes de Avengers: Endgame Objetos Objetos de Avengers: Age of Ultron Objetos de Captain America: Civil War Objetos de Spider-Man: Homecoming Objetos de Avengers: Infinity War Objetos de Avengers: Endgame Personajes de Cómics Idiomas: English *Nota: Algunos de los enlaces son de afiliados, lo que significa que, sin costo adicional para ti, Fandom ganará una comisión si haces clic y realizas una subscripción. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo CC-BY-SA a menos que se indique lo contrario. 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